We believe in beautifying and protecting your property with high-quality products. We work with

vinyl fence, deck and handrail products

to offer you and your family the possibility of enjoying the most cozy, classy, long-lasting and beautiful spaces of your own home.

Why choose vinyl?

Lasts longer and it's nearly 5 times stronger than wood.
Almost maintenance-free.
It is flexible and will not snap or break.
Easy to clean.
It doesn't get termite damage, fungus, or dry rot.
Both sides of the fence are the pretty side.
It's not susceptible to climatic wear.
Safe for animals as they can't chew it off.
It's recyclable.
Manufacturing vinyl products is energy efficient.
It's eco-friendly. Vinyl products are not made of trees and don't need hard chemicals or paints to maintain its beauty.

Our products will never need scraping or painting because they are made of high-impart, weather-resistant polyvinyl chloride material. Our formulation is similar to those used in vinyl siding and windows, which have a history of providing long term structural integrity. The homo-polymer impound utilizes a high level of titanium dioxide pigment for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and acrylic impact modifiers for superior strength and durability.

The new vinyl fence you install today will still look as good as new even years from now, without the expensive upkeep required by other conventional fence materials. There is also no risk of injury to children or pets from slivers or splinters, and no concern of rust, corrosion or termite infestation that could destroy the investment you have in your fence.

Enjoy your maintenance free fence, deck or railing without treating or painting. All of our vinyl products are designed to expand and contract in all types of weather conditions. Your vinyl deck, railing and fence will outlast similar wooden products, as well as save you hours (and money) of upkeep and repair.

Some words from our customers

  • “Thank you very much for our beautiful deck. You do awesome work!”

     - The Prokops

  • “...the finished product is truely a work of art….The deck exceeded my expectations.”

     - Julia

  • “Thank you very much, the fence looks beautiful.”

     - Vivian

  • “Thanks [CVI], new railing looks great at the cabin!”

     - Mike and Julie Craig

  • “Thank you for your service. It was great having someone who stood behind their promises!”

     - Violet

  • “We are extremely impressed with the fantastic job you did on the installation of our vinyl fence. Your quality workmanship, attention to detail, and professionalism is to be commended. We would highly recommend you to anyone interested in installing this terrific product.”

     - Len and Noreen Clarke

  • “We are extremely pleased with the final product. It looks great and is very functional. [CVI] completed their work in a very professional and timely manner. We established a schedule and they followed it very closely and worked well with other contractors on the site. We would recommend CVI and their products to anyone who wants a classy looking, low maintenance fence.”

     - Dave and Cathy Harbinson